Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass

Eco Friendly Landscaping

Our artificial grass is more than just the turf grass itself. It’s a complete landscape system. The artificial grass system includes preparation of the ground the artificial grass will be installed on, the drainage through the artificial grass backing, the infill material used to keep the artificial grass blades erect and provide ballast, and the yarn that create the blades. Our artificial grass matches the look and feel of real grass. Keep your residence looking pristine with artificial grass landscaping.

Our synthetic grass is your solution for a beautiful trouble-free lawn. Solve common lawn problems with an ultra-realistic looking synthetic grass lawn. Our synthetic grass for your residential landscape is especially efficient at solving problems associated with dog urine killing your grass, grass for shade, drought tolerant grass and lowering lawn water and maintenance costs.

The Most Realistic Choice

Artificial grass was originally created to replace organic grass surfacing for sports applications. Because of the many benefits over organic grass and the innovations in the look and feel of synthetic grass in the past ten years, artificial turf has morphed from a sports application to a solution for a wide variety of surfaces. From backyards to rooftops and airfields, artificial turf is an environmentally friendly landscape solution.

If you are considering making a switch from natural grass, our artificial grass is the best synthetic grass choice you can make. Our products are the closest alternative to a natural grass lawn. Our synthetic grass is one of the most effective water conservation products available today.

The economic value of residential landscaping is great. Data from recent studies shows that landscaping provides a home with a recovery rate of 100 to 200 percent.