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Keep Your Landscape Looking Great Throughout The Season

About This Service

Parkview Landscaping understands the importance of seasonal landscape clean-up to maintain the health, beauty, and functionality of your outdoor space. Our dedicated team offers professional Spring and Fall clean-up services that help revitalize your landscape, preparing it for the changing seasons ahead.


Spring Clean-Up

As winter fades away, our Spring clean-up service focuses on rejuvenating your landscape after the dormant season. Our skilled technicians remove fallen leaves, debris, and any accumulated winter build-up, ensuring a clean and fresh start for your outdoor space. We carefully assess your landscape, trim shrubs, and perform necessary pruning to promote healthy growth. Additionally, we can prepare flower beds, apply fresh mulch, and provide essential lawn care services to help your landscape thrive during the growing season.


Fall Clean-Up

Before the arrival of winter, our Fall clean-up service ensures your landscape is prepared for the colder months. Our team clears fallen leaves, twigs, and debris that can smother your lawn and impede healthy growth. We conduct thorough raking and removal, ensuring that your landscape remains neat and tidy. Our technicians also perform necessary pruning and trimming to maintain the shape and health of trees, shrubs, and plants. Additionally, we can provide winterization services for your irrigation system and take necessary steps to protect vulnerable plants from freezing temperatures.


Seasonal landscape clean-up is important for several reasons:


  • Aesthetics: By removing debris, fallen leaves, and winter build-up, seasonal clean-up enhances the visual appeal of your landscape. It allows your plants, trees, and lawn to shine, creating a neat and well-maintained outdoor environment.

  • Plant Health: Clearing away debris and performing necessary pruning during seasonal clean-up promotes the health and vitality of your plants. It encourages proper air circulation, reduces the risk of pests and diseases, and helps plants thrive.

  • Preparation for the Seasons: Each season brings unique challenges for your landscape. Seasonal clean-up ensures your outdoor space is ready to face those challenges head-on. It prepares your lawn and plants for optimal growth in Spring and protects them from potential damage in Fall and winter.

  • Long-Term Landscape Care: By investing in seasonal clean-up, you contribute to the long-term care and maintenance of your landscape. It helps prevent the accumulation of debris, protects against potential pest infestations, and promotes overall landscape health and longevity.


Trust Parkview Landscaping for professional Spring and Fall clean-up services that prepare your landscape for the changing seasons. Our experienced team pays attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of your outdoor space is carefully addressed. Contact us today to schedule your seasonal clean-up and enjoy a healthy, beautiful, and well-prepared landscape year-round.

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Parkview is amazing! This was our first time using them. Tyler and Benjamin are a great team with great communication. The landscapers are super thorough. They really worked hard and went above and beyond! Don’t use any other company!

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We had a very positive experience with Parkview Landscaping. They were dependable, affordable, and easy to work with. And they do great work! Everything about the service was just what we hoped it would be.

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Parkview Landscaping is great! We used them to clean up a year of neglect in our yard and are now using them to help maintain the beautiful work they did. They are reliable and affordable and our yard looks great 🙂

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